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Making sure all our patients get the best possible care in collaborating with other health care providers

Making sure all our patients get the best possible care means filling their prescriptions on-site. The pharmacy in our Urgent Care Network, Main Drug Mart in Pickering is modern and efficient.

It’s staffed by licensed pharmacists and knowledgeable friendly staff. They will fill out your prescription and put you back on the road to good health quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we are proud of the pharmacy that’s part of the community quality healthcare we offer at our walk-in clinic. This is a place where citizens can find prescriptions and prescription refills.


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Our Top Pharmacy in Pickering Services Are

FREE Delivery!

One of our featured services at Main Drug Mart in Pickering is that we offer Free Delivery services. If you need a prescription sent to your home, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Compounded Medications

Compounded medications are another one of the services provided at the Urgent Care Pickering pharmacy. Our NAPRA approved laboratory is furnished with state of the art equipment designed to create specialized medications specifically made for individual patient needs. Feel free to come talk to our pharmacists to see if compounded medications may be an option for you.
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Quality service that’s guaranteed is what you will find here. It’s a convenient location in the same plaza as the Pickering Walk-In Clinic. This is the pharmacy that’s dedicated to looking after everyone’s health on an individual basis.

Different Choices

Our pharmacist in Pickering on staff can help you with a variety of different choices. By offering services, and advice as well as prescriptions, you can attain your health goals. We provided certified diabetes education as well to help our patients.

Refilling prescriptions is efficient and affordable at our pharmacy Pickering. Beyond your medical needs, it offers supplements and vitamins as well as other products for weight loss and overall health.

There is an over-the-counter service that makes it easy to get generic and brand-name medications. The focus here is on efficient and personalized care for everyone in the community. Everyone from children all the way up to seniors can find everything from seasonal flu shots to medication reviews and compliance medication packaging. Please know that all drug plans are available!

Wellness & Prevention

The Urgent Care Network Pharmacy, Main Drug Mart, also offers a variety of wellness and prevention services. Walk-in clinic patients looking for cough and cold remedies can find them here. That goes for allergy relief medication and smoking cessation products too.

We want this pharmacy to be a place you can stop for a variety of your health needs. The staff on hand are all knowledgeable and friendly.

Prevention and wellness are two of the cornerstones of the pharmacy. Supplying the most current advice to keep your family in the best of health is a priority. We also offer advice from our pharmacists on the prevention of disease and other conditions.

Healthy and Strong

We have a commitment and dedication to helping communities and families stay healthy and strong. As the scope of pharmacy care expands, we keep pace to better serve you.

It might be something as common as a seasonal flu shot or a prescription to help you manage a disease. The pharmacy in Pickering  takes great pride in making sure all of your health needs are met under one roof.

Looking after the Pickering community is our number one priority. Our expert staff will give you the highest level of professional service. Main Drug Mart is part of the Urgent Care Network in Pickering that’s dedicated to serving your health needs.

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