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Meet Omar Qureshi our licensed Chiropodist!

Omar Qureshi was borned and raised in Toronto Ontario attending York University where he completed his undergraduate degree in Cell Biology in 1998. He graduated from the Michener School of Health and Applied Sciences in 2001 in Chiropody. Omar has been practising as a Chiropodist since 2001 with Residency programs at the Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Rehab. As a Foot Specialist Mr. Qureshi has a special interest in Abnormal Biomechanics of the Foot.

Omar has had vast experience working in various Clinical settings including Family Practise and Rehabilitation Centres. Omar has lectured on Foot related Pathomechanics and its impact throughout the body incorporating his lecture into Health Wellness talks to various businesses. His lectures have also been focused towards Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and other Regulated Health Care Providers helping to advance the Podiatric Medicine component of their Practises.

Mr. Qureshi has worked in various capacities offering services from young children to College Level Athletes. He has worked with the Bounce program in Brampton Ontario which helped develop Canadian youth for USA College level and the NBA. During his down time, Omar enjoys golfing and writing.

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