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Dental Clinic in Pickering for The Whole Family

A healthy smile gives you confidence and makes a strong impression on others.

To maintain optimal dental health, it is important that you make regular dental visits part of your oral hygiene plan. Our dentists at Pickering Square Dental take pride in their work and give an individual caring focus.

From young children to seniors, we offer dental procedures for all ages. Using the latest innovations in the dental field, we provide the best in dental services while assuring your comfort. Our Family Dentist in Pickering believes that information is power. We are always striving to educate our patients in the areas of oral health, modern dentistry, and healthy living whenever possible.

We offer following family dental services in Pickering:

When a dental emergency arises, Dentistry in Pickering provides same-day emergency services.

We offer family dentistry services in Pickering that focuses on excellent oral health.

We utilize many different techniques to put you at ease;

Nitrous Oxide: Also known as laughing gas reduces anxiety.
Oral Sedation: Anti-anxiety medication taken for your dental appointment.
“Sleepy Juice Techniques”: Places children at ease.
Topical Anesthesia (Numbing Gel)/ Vibration Techniques: Are steps used in reducing discomfort associated with local anaesthesia.

Teeth can be easily stained by the likes of coffee, tea and wine. Fluorosis and aging can also dull your smile. Teeth Whitening Pickering is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to lighten and brighten your teeth.

Root canal therapy in Pickering, also known as Endodontics is the treatment of the nerve or the pulp of the tooth. The treatment can often be completed in 1 single appointment.

 We also have laser dentistry procedures available in Pickering. Since the advent of laser dentistry, this less invasive and more precise technique means that for several procedures, the use of anesthesia and instruments like drills have become unnecessary.

We offer dental implants at our Pickering clinic that look and act just like your real teeth.

Are another service that is offered through our dentistry in Pickering clinic. Sometimes a tooth can be damaged to the point it can’t be restored. We remove unrestorable, abscessed or broken teeth and root fragments.

The Team

All the members of our team are committed to providing our patients with excellent care. That includes the comfortable and warming design of our office and of course, the industry leading technology we use.

Our Dentistry in Pickering clinic keeps you fully informed about your dental procedures, and your oral health. It’s important to us that you know what treatments are available and all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Preventative care is what we do. We want your entire family to enjoy a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. You can count on us for the safest dental services in a friendly atmosphere.


Remember, we are always happy to accept new and emergency patients. Our Dentistry in Pickering door is always open and we look forward to caring for your individualized treatment needs.

Feel free to stop by any time for a tour or address any question or concerns you may have.

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